Dental Onlays 101

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If you have a cavity that extends beyond the cusps of your tooth, a dental onlay might be the restoration for you. They are a premolded restoration and could be chosen instead of a typical dental filling or crown. This kind of restoration can even be manufactured from a porcelain or composite resin so that it can blend in with the tooth that has been damaged and may even be practically invisible.

Our dentist, Dr. Michelle Metcalf, might go with an onlay if she feels that your tooth’s structure may be compromised and could even crack if a regular filling were attempted. On the other hand, you might opt to go with this option instead of a dental crown if you wish to try to avoid losing the overall tooth’s structure. This form of restoration could be more durable than a dental filling and it can strengthen a weakened tooth.

In order to get an onlay, our dentist can numb the area with a local anesthetic before she removes the decayed portion of the tooth and cleans the area. An impression of your tooth may need to be made so that your onlay can be created and, once it has been crafted, our dentist can complete the restoration. Our dentist can check to make sure that it fits correctly and won’t affect your bite before she permanently bonds it to your tooth, which may create an effective seal.

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